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Don't Replace Your Damaged Smartphone If You Need These Repairs

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Is your smartphone having problems due to a recent incident that damaged it? If so, know that you don't necessarily have to get a brand new phone to get it working again. While smartphones seem like very complicated devices, it is actually possible to repair many features of them when they become damaged. 

Shattered Screen

An incredibly common issue people run into is a shattered or cracked screen. However, it's a bit more challenging than simply swapping out the old screen with a new one. The adhesive around the screen needs to be heated up so that the screen can become detached, and then the new screen that matches your phone's model is put in its place with a new adhesive to keep the water out.

Battery Replacement

Battery not working as well these days? It's possible that you've completely drained the phone battery so many times that it is no longer able to reach its maximum capacity. That old battery can be replaced with a brand new one, to get the battery life back to how it was the day you first got your phone.

Water Damage

The adhesive around the components of the phone are designed to make it water resistant. Smartphones today are not going to be waterproof, where it is impossible for water to get into the device at all. Any type of water damage typically involves opening the phone to replace damaged or corroded components. Sometimes all it takes is extensive drying to make sure that long term damage doesn't happen to the phone with corrosion.

Malfunctioning Buttons

Do you have buttons that do not work anymore, such as the power, home, or volume buttons? The buttons themselves may need to be cleaned or replaced with new ones. A smartphone repair shop can look at the mechanisms the button uses and determine the best course of action to fix it.

Charging Port Problems 

A damaged charging port can be difficult to repair on your own, because it does require the removal of the old port and the installation of a new one. It often needs to be soldered onto the phone's logic board, which requires a lot of expertise to ensure that other components are not damaged in the process.

Microphone and Speaker Problems

The microphone and speakers are two separate components that are typically attached by a wire to the logic board, which makes it easy to swap out the damaged part with a new one. However, getting to that wire often means removing plenty of other parts that are in the way, all of which will need to be put back in the correct order. 

To learn more about smartphone or Iphone repair, contact a professional near you.