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Maintaining Efficient Communications In Professional Gaming

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The gaming world has changed a lot as professional gaming has become a viable career for many skilled players. With audiences seeking new ways to consume gameplay footage and communicate with players on the go, a need for efficient mobile and landline communications has grown. If basic voice communications isn't enough and you need something that can keep up with your team, keep reading for a few ideas that can keep you flexible with a reliable phone service.

Why Not Use Basic Voice Over IP?

Voice over IP or VOIP has changed the way we communicate. Even many landline services use an Internet backbone to manage their communications, but not all VOIP services are the same. Even with the best Internet connection, there are inefficiencies to watch out for.

When you use the Internet to watch videos, download bulk files, play games or even have VOIP conversations, you're competing for different loads of your Internet connection's capacity or bandwidth. Unless your Internet devices have been specifically configured by an in-house networking technician, the competition can affect everything you do on the Internet.

In a basic Internet service configuration, certain types of data should get priority. This stops voice communications from becoming broken or distorted when someone starts a download or plays an online video. Unfortunately, these default bandwidth management settings are not perfect.

Dedicated Voice Options For Clear Communications

If voice communications need to be crisp, clear, and interrupted without slowing down your gameplay, you'll need to have a dedicated voice service. A phone communications team can build a specific phone line that doesn't restrict you to a bulky phone, either through creating a dedicated voice network by splitting off the Internet connection digitally or bringing in an entirely different line.

There are cost differences with each option, but it ultimately comes down to how critical voice communications are to you. With a single connection that is digitally divided, you can have virtually no interruptions due to the actions of others. There may be times when settings reset or a large download threatens to consume all available Internet, but such issues can be planned for.

If you want your games and downloads to have uncontested, dedicated Internet and your voice communications to be the same, having two lines may be the best bet. Voice services can be installed on the separate line and never shall voice and gaming cross the same line.

If you need help with assessing risks and settling on the difference, contact a voice service professional like Phone Masters Ltd.