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Is A Live Answering Service The Best Choice For Your Small Business?

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If you are the person in charge of making decisions about the company answering service, you may have to deal with some pretty heavy sales tactics. The best thing you can do is sit back and spend some time considering what kind of answering service will be best, not only for the business but also for clients and customers.

What Businesses Are Best Served by a Live Answering Service?

Live answering services work well for all businesses. However, there are some that shouldn't be without a real person answering the phones.

  • Medical practices – Physicians, dentists, psychiatrists, and other medical professionals should highly consider live answering services.
  • Law offices – Lawyers may need to be reached during off hours, and a live person can be beneficial in accomplishing this.
  • Veterinarian practices – The same as other medical practices, vets can benefit from live answering services.
  • Small businesses – Any small business that wants to provide the feel of personal services and excellent customer service.

Why Employ a Live Answering Service?

Customer satisfaction is probably the number one reason for employing a live answering service. Almost everyone has experienced the frustration of reaching an automated answering system, punching what felt like a hundred numbers, and in the end getting disconnected or having your issue left unresolved. It's not only frustrating, but many people will not try again. They will move on to a competitor who may offer better service. Don't let that happen to your business. A live answering service resolves the problem.

Trained professionals staff live answering services. They will tailor your service to your specifications. Your answering service will deliver messages to you via phone, text, fax or email if you want. You can have calls transferred to a colleague or other professional that is filling in for you. Your service can help you screen calls and transfer them per your instructions.

Should your company need to close for lunch or a meeting, a live person is available to take calls. Callers don't need to know that you are currently closed.

The bottom line is that most consumers prefer it when a live person answers their call. Why not stop listening to sales pitches about all the amazing automated phone systems, and take a survey of your own? Ask friends, family, customers, clients, and strangers what answering services they prefer to come across when calling a business. You can bet that you will hear some horror stories about the automated loops of frustration. To keep your customers from experiencing that, contact a live answering services company, like APELLO.