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How To Disguise And Hide Cable Cords

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If you have your television hanging on your wall and have extras like a cable receiver or DVR, from a cable company like Valley TeleCom Group, or other type of system hardware attached to your television, then you probably have a lot of wires showing. Even if your television isn't on your wall, you probably still have all of these wires. If seeing these wires drives you a little crazy, you may be interested in knowing how to hide them. See below for ways to hide or even disguise your cable cords.

Trim Work

Hide your cords using trim, and give your wall a clean look. 

  1. Take your television off of its mounting bracket. If you have short cords, you may want to buy longer ones.
  2. Map out your trim work before making cuts and nailing them to the wall. You're going to need horizontal and vertical trim work. This will give you a square wood wainscoting look behind your television.
  3. Mark on your wall where your television will go. Then make marks where your cords will exit out of either side. 
  4. Add thin pieces of trim work around these marks. Use a level to be sure your trim is level and even on both sides. You can use thin pieces of plastic lattice for your trim, rather than actual wood trim. This may be a cheaper option. Cut your pieces using a miter saw and nail into place using a nail gun.
  5. To create channels for your cords, you'll need two pieces of trim lined up together that are wide enough for your cords. Make sure they are narrow enough though to cover them with a third piece of trim to serve as a cover for the cords. Your channels should all be even, in order to make this look smooth and consistent.
  6. Once you have your channels for the cords, add additional channels to give your wall balance. Make sure to use a long channel on either side in order to hide your cords all the way down to your baseboard trim.
  7. When finished, you can paint the trim and wall in between with the same color to give it a built in look. You should be left with a square around your television that looks more like a piece of wainscoting. Your cords should all be hidden within the channels.
  8. For a finished look, add a mantle piece to the top and paint it the same color, and add paintable caulk to your nail holes to hide them.

You can also hide your cable cords using decorative boxes if you have an un-mounted television. Use cable ties to tie up your excess cords, then cut out holes in a decorative box for your cords to feed into. Then place your cords and power strip (if you have one) inside the box. This adds a nice decorative touch to your room.

Hide your cable cords on your mounted television by fishing your wires through the back of the bracket and down the inside of the wall and back out again above your baseboard. This is a good idea if you have a table or something below your television to help hide the exit hole.

Hiding your cable cords is fairly simple, you just need a little bit of patience. Hiding them will offer a clean look to your decor.