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Making Your Tech Smaller And More Efficient With HDI PCBs

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Smartphone, tablet, and other electronic innovations don't come strictly from big name manufacturers. You may have ideas of your own for yourself or your business. If you want to compete, you need access to the same kind of PCBs that allows the bigger manufacturers to develop smaller and more powerful devices. This is one reason HDI PCBs are such a boon to creators.

High Density Interconnect in Practice

You may have noticed that electronics have gotten steadily smaller over the years. People want products that pack a lot of power but can also fit in smaller spaces. Consider that the more power and features you want to pack into your product, the more circuit board landscape you will need to connect the disparate components.

High Density Interconnect (HDI) circuit boards allow you to build with components closer together. The density that allows for this is due to the fine narrow lines and smaller vias. The wiring is also far more dense and layered. This is the secret to smaller devices that pack more power and features.

Analyzing the Benefits of HDI

The benefits of HDI boards are far reaching and can aid in any device. Basically, they allow you to achieve more with less.

Smaller size – Reducing size is one of the Holy Grails of the tech world. It allows you to create hardware that is inconspicuous and far more convenient for potential end users and applications. Portability is what everybody wants, and HDI facilitates that. The smaller size also helps to reduce damage from things like mechanical shock.

Reduced weight – Just because something is smaller doesn't always mean that it weighs less. But with HDI, less weight is what you get. This can help you to make your product as light as possible, which is something that consumers often appreciate. This is especially true if you're working on something that someone may want to carry in their pocket or in a bag.

Power management – The design of HDI PCBs allow for closer components. That closeness not only saves precious board real estate, it also creates faster connections. Mostly, components will only connect between the layers as needed. All of this will help you to manage power consumption far more efficiently.

Multiple layers and dense components – This with the density of the components is what gives HDI PCBs their advantages.  It's because of these two things that you receive all the previously mentioned benefits.

Find Quality HDI PCBs

Like any PCB, quality matters a lot. That's why, despite all the benefits, you need to source your boards from a manufacturer that uses quality materials, laminates, and processes. PCB manufacturers that have a good grasp of HDI boards, and their many iterations, are best suited for helping you turn your project into a reality. Go to site to learn more about PCBs.