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Courier Shipments And Three Technological Applications That Ensure Customer Satisfaction

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These days, customer satisfaction depends on getting their order, processing the order quickly, and shipping the order to the customers just as quickly as it can be processed. If you are a small business owner who does not have that level of technology available to you, then maybe you can outsource it to a courier. Here are three applications of technology, used by many courier services, that can help you achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

ETA Boards

Special software helps track your shipments. Couriers post the exact pickup times, estimate the time and distance needed to execute the delivery, and reconfigure the ETA (estimated time of delivery) when weather and traffic interferes with the original ETA. On your end, you can log in to the ETA dashboard and see exactly when and where all of your shipments will arrive. This also provides you with valuable information you can use for those times when a customer calls and wants to know where his or her order is and how soon they should expect it.

Mobile Signature Capture

This is an application your courier company uses on their company's mobile phones to capture the signatures of all your customers. The customers sign the blank white space on the courier's phone and the signature is immediately posted to the company's website so that you can see that the package was delivered and received. It is also an effective way to prove that a package was delivered securely, in the event that a customer contests that his or her order was never received. The signature is also time-stamped, so if someone other than the intended customer signs the customer's name, the customer can figure out who signed for them and then retrieve the package from the person who signed for it.

Bar Coding

Creating, making and selling items in a small business environment means you probably do not have a bar code for the item or items you sell. Courier companies can help you create a bar code for each of the products you make and sell. The bar codes can be printed off the courier's website and attached to the packaging prior to shipping. This same bar code also assists the courier with identifying and tracking your products and packages. One final advantage to utilizing a courier's bar coding system and software is that it can help you with inventory at the end of the fiscal year.