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What To Look For In A Security Camera System

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Just having security cameras will help reduce crime and theft at your business. A simple camera, even if it is not functional, will deter thieves and safeguard your property. However, an actual working security system is obviously much more useful. Security cameras come in a wide range when it comes to price and functionality. This article explains a few features that business owners should definitely look for when shopping for a security camera system.

A Complete System

First, make sure you buy a complete system that includes everything your need: cameras, monitors, wiring, power supply, remote control and software. You want to be able to open the box and start to set up your system, without having to buy any other components.

Multiple Cameras

When you buy a complete system, you have to choose how many cameras you need. A 4 or 8 camera system can give your building complete coverage, whether you are arming the inside, outside or both. Having multiple channels gives you much more security. You can rest assured that all of your angles are covered. For instance, having multiple cameras aimed at the same door (some zoomed more that others, or at different angles) makes it easier to make positive identifications.

Weatherproof Cameras and Wiring

No matter where you live, having a weatherproof system is essential. Cameras mounted on buildings are bound to get wet. Likewise, the wires need to be installed underneath the eaves of the building. But, parts of the wires will be exposed to the elements, so it important that they have rubberized weatherproofing.


Security cameras usually have lens with a wide angle. However, the most functional cameras allow you to zoom in and out in real time. An image produced with a zoomed lens will look much clearer than a normal image that is then digitally zoomed in after. You have probably seen security camera close ups of faces that are so grainy that they are basically worthless. The videos and still from a zoom lens will be much more usable.

Expandable Storage

Security cameras that are recording 24/7 use up a lot of storage space. Some systems only have internal storage. However, this means you need to constantly erase footage to make space on your hard drive. A system with removable memory cards allows you to expand your storage capacity during times that it is most necessary (i.e., weekends and holidays).

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