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Satellite Two-Way Radios Help Keep Your Family Safe During A Natural Disaster

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When you're preparing for a natural disaster, having a method to keep in contact with your family members is a top priority. Knowing that your family is safe gives you peace of mind, and if your family members need aid, they need a method to communicate with you. Satellite two-way radios are reliable and not reliant on electricity or a cellphone signal in order to function, making them the perfect choice to ensure that you can keep in contact with your family members.

Don't Rely On Your Cellphone During A Disaster

As has been seen time and time again, following a natural disaster, you cannot rely on your cellphone to contact members of your family. If the cell towers themselves are damaged, it could be weeks until your service is restored. Even if the towers are fine, the sheer volume of calls and messages in the service area will overload them, preventing your cellphone from sending messages and sending or receiving calls. A satellite two-way radio will always be functional in the event of a natural disaster; while most satellite networks do rely on ground stations to relay messages, these will be much farther away than your cell tower, which guarantees that you will retain service during a natural disaster.

Advantages Of Two-Way Radios Over One-Way

Two-way radios, as the name implies, allow you to both send and receive messages. One-way radios, on the other hand, only allow messages to be sent out. While one-way radios are less expensive, they will be of limited use in a natural disaster situation. Most only allow for preset messages, which only allow you to say that either you are okay or that you need help. You cannot communicate a complex situation with these devices; two-way radios, on the other hand, allow you to communicate the full extent of your situation with your friends and family. For example, if you receive a message from a one-way family member stating that he or she needs help, you do not know the extent of the situation. Does your family member need medical attention or was his or her car destroyed by a falling tree? A satellite two-way radio is much more useful for receiving updates from your family during a natural disaster.

GPS Tracking Capabilities Keep You Safer

Many satellite radios also double as GPS trackers; this allows you to know the exact location of your family members at all time. While the vast majority of modern cellphones also have GPS capabilities, do not assume that they will still function if the cell tower is down. To save on costs, cellphones use assisted GPS rather than communicating with GPS satellites directly as a satellite radio does. With a cellphone, your position is determined by your proximity to the cell tower itself; if the tower is down, you won't have access to GPS anymore. Satellite radios, by communicating directly with the satellites, will always have their GPS functionality available.

Making sure your family is safe is your top priority during a natural disaster, and satellite two-way radios are the best tool to have in this situation. They are not reliant on cell towers or the local power grid and since these radios are often used for law enforcement and military applications, they are designed to be rugged and reliable.