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Get Rid Of Gaming Lag

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Online gaming has become a major market based on diving into another world and connecting with other gamers at the same time. There’s competitive, non-competitive, and hybrid games all across the genre, and although you don’t have to be competent to enjoy games, your computer can’t be a piece of trash. To enjoy at least basic quality without dealing with random shutdowns, stuttering graphics, and delays, here are a few computer performance points to help you get around the lag problem: Read More»

Piezo Scanners And Ultrasound: 3 Ways They Work Together To Benefit You

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If you’ve ever had an ultrasound performed, you’ve seen a piezo scanner in action. You might not have known it at the time, but the Doppler that was used to give the doctor such a clear look inside of you relies on piezo electricity to transmit the sound – or echolocation – that’s needed to provide the clear picture. When most people hear the word ultrasound, they usually think of the pictures that pregnant women receive of their developing fetus. Read More»

How To Install The Drivers To Connect A USB Port To A Data Highway

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If you have a factory, there is a good chance that you have software installed in your machines that will detect if anything with them is wrong, such as if they need a fluid change, or if they need to be serviced. As a result, the machines are broadcasting a nearly constant stream of data. This data is only going to be useful if you are able to capture it. One option is to connect the machines to a separate computer that uploads the results that the machines put out to the cloud. Read More»

Examining Profitable Historian Data Software Benefits For Your Metal Shop

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Maintaining a profitable business can be challenging, especially when you have to spend a lot of time comparing data and looking for ways to save money. Finding ways to easily and quickly pinpoint areas in your shop that need improvement or enhancement is important. Check out how your business can benefit from historian data software. Keeping Up With Your Past And Present Operations When it comes to researching your past records for learning where and why a particular issue is occurring in your workplace, the time it may take can be tedious and laborious. Read More»

3 Ways To Improve Your Printer Connection

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Do you have a home printer that is connected to your home’s internet network? If so, and your printer is constantly loosing its connection then your access to printing from your laptop, desktop, or tablet may not be ideal. Struggling to print from your network’s printer can be a major inconvenience, which is why you will want to take advantage of some maintenance that you can do to help improve the network connection between your printer and internet. Read More»