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3 Repairs That Can Improve Your Computer

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If the computer that you use every day is starting to run slow, then replacing it may be something you are avoiding, as you are worried about losing valuable data that you have stored on your hard drive. Well, rather than continue to use a slow computer or deal with the high cost of a brand new system, you may want to consider repairs from professional technicians. There are many ways a technician can increase the speed of your home computer system, such as these:  Read More»

When Is Buying IPv4 Address Space A Good Idea For A Business Or Service?

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The IP trading market is steadily growing. However, there are many different reasons to buy IPv4 address space. Deciding to buy is an important consideration, especially for businesses that still make heavy use of IPv4 (nearly all of them). The Current State of IPv4 Understand there are no new IPv4 address blocks for ARIN to give away. If you’re a provider, or a data center, that currently relies on IPv4 address space, you have to make do with what you have, or buy new blocks. Read More»

Rugged Display without Spraining Your Wrist

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Rugged electronics are vital to any project that needs sensitive electronics in hostile environments. Swamps, seas, or humid areas need tested and sturdy systems. Unfortunately, anyone with military or field experience can tell you that not all rugged devices are created equal. As you look through your options, take some military technician advice to avoid buttons that won’t be mashed, screens that aren’t really rugged and all sorts of pitfalls in the rugged device industry. Read More»

3 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Fleet Maintenance Software

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If your company has a fleet of vehicles and you don’t have fleet maintenance software, you are missing out on some excellent benefits. These are just a few of the many reasons why any company that has a fleet of company vehicles should have this software. 1. Keep Your Fleet in Good Condition Keeping your fleet in good condition is imperative. If you don’t properly maintain your fleet, you will end up having to spend a lot more money in the long run on repairs and replacements. Read More»

Making Your Tech Smaller And More Efficient With HDI PCBs

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Smartphone, tablet, and other electronic innovations don’t come strictly from big name manufacturers. You may have ideas of your own for yourself or your business. If you want to compete, you need access to the same kind of PCBs that allows the bigger manufacturers to develop smaller and more powerful devices. This is one reason HDI PCBs are such a boon to creators. High Density Interconnect in Practice You may have noticed that electronics have gotten steadily smaller over the years. Read More»