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Is A Live Answering Service The Best Choice For Your Small Business?

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If you are the person in charge of making decisions about the company answering service, you may have to deal with some pretty heavy sales tactics. The best thing you can do is sit back and spend some time considering what kind of answering service will be best, not only for the business but also for clients and customers. What Businesses Are Best Served by a Live Answering Service? Live answering services work well for all businesses. Read More»

Two Things To Consider When Planning The Electrical System In Your Building

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One of the most important things you need to think about as you are building an office building is making sure that it is future proof. With the explosion in technology in the workplace today, without proper planning your building’s wiring can quickly become inadequate for future tenants. Here are 2 things to consider before you put up the sheetrock. Where will the servers be? While many companies put their servers in a colocation facility, many companies choose to forgo that cost and put their servers in their office space instead. Read More»

3 Types Of Touchscreen Technology For Kiosk Monitors

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Do you need monitors for a kiosk or booth at an upcoming trade show or event? Do you want something with touchscreen technology to make your kiosk more interactive? Touchscreens are a great way to pull people into your kiosk or booth and to get them engaged with your services. If your product involves some kind of software, you can use a touchscreen monitor to allow visitors to take your solution for a test drive. Read More»

How To Get The Most Money For Your Laptop

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If you have an old laptop that you have just recently replaced or simply no longer have a use for, you might want to consider selling it. In doing so, you naturally want to make sure that you are getting as much money as you possibly for it. Here are some tips to help you sell laptops. Have It Professionally Cleaned Out Sure, you might be able to go through and delete your old photos and text documents on your own. Read More»

Maintaining Efficient Communications In Professional Gaming

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The gaming world has changed a lot as professional gaming has become a viable career for many skilled players. With audiences seeking new ways to consume gameplay footage and communicate with players on the go, a need for efficient mobile and landline communications has grown. If basic voice communications isn’t enough and you need something that can keep up with your team, keep reading for a few ideas that can keep you flexible with a reliable phone service. Read More»